The Spanish Exchange Program offers a broad view of hand surgery that combines observation in the clinic and OR with a rigorous didactic and hands-on gross anatomy schedule.

Didactic Schedule

"Fellows' Conference"

Tuesday, 6:30 am - University Auditorium

Year long schedule.  Please email us for a schedule.

Spanish Resident Lecture Series

Wednesday, 6:30 am - Hand Center Conference Room

Week 1 - History and Physical Exam of the Hand and Wrist

Week 2 - Common Disorders Around the Hand and Wrist

Week 3 - Soft Tissue Coverage of the Hand, Wrist and Forearm

Week 4 - Distal Radius Fractures: Evaluation, Principles and Treatment Options

Anatomy Schedule

Friday, 3:00 pm - Location TBD

Week 1 - Approaches to the Wrist (Fragment Specific, Extensile Approaches)

Week 2 - Common Hand Surgery Procedures

Week 3 - Microsurgical Skills and Soft Tissue Coverage (local and pedicled flaps)

Week 4 - Tendon & Nerve Repair and Miscellaneous (Capstone / Review & Repeat)